Therapy for Adults and Children with ADHD

Therapy for Adults and Children with ADHD

If you are seeking therapy for challenges related to

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),

I may be able to help.

Some of the things children and adults with ADHD experience include:

  • Problems with attention and concentration
  • Hyperactive behaviors: Talking excessively, can’t sit still, restless, fidgeting, squirming
  • Mood swings, intense emotions, anxiety
  • Extreme sensitivity to situations where they experience or perceive rejection
  • Problems with time management or keeping track of time
  • Impulsivity-acting or speaking without thinking of the outcome
  • Having difficulty waiting for your turn, interrupting others
  • Forgetfulness, problems with organization, losing things, and planning
  • Problems with money management
  • Low self-esteem or negative thoughts about yourself or your abilities
  • Challenges in relationships
  • Problems with social skills

I specialize in helping with the following issues related to ADHD:

  • Developing coping skills for anxiety, difficult situations, and change
  • Behavioral challenges at home or school
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Positive identity development and self-acceptance
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Parenting skills for caregivers of children with ADHD
  • Managing ADHD when starting or adjusting to college or living independently
  • Improving communication skills
  • Time management and organizational strategies
  • Skills to support and understand your partner or spouse with ADHD symptoms and strengthen your relationship

People with ADHD have many

strengths that must also be recognized!

Common strengths people with ADHD have include:
  • Being very creative or artistic
  • Flexible and adaptive thinking
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Funny or great sense of humor
  • Great at out of the box or inventive thinking
  • Hyperfocus – The ability to focus intently on an activity or topic of interest and accomplish great things
  • Generous, positive, kind, caring personality traits
  • Interesting conversation skills and story telling abilities
  • Passionate and energetic about people, causes, and beliefs they care about
  • Patience and acceptance for people who are different
  • Good at making things interesting and fun since they don’t like to experience boredom
  • Resilience when faced with challenges


Therapy can make a difference for

many people with ADHD!


If you’re interested in learning more about this please contact me today.